TRIP-FX web -series was born with the goal to take you around the world of Visual FX with interviews, reports, review or insights on the world of computer graphics and beyond. In the first season I met Allan McKay, Anselm von Seherr-Thoss, Marc Brunett, Simon Holmedal, Marc Simonetti, Raphael Lacoste, Ferruccio Della Schiava and more...

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List of episodes

Trip-Fx 1x001 Interview to Patrice Leymarie IAMAg CEO & Founder
Trip-Fx 1x002 Interview to Allan McKay
Trip-Fx 1x003 Interview to Guido Möller - Wacom Europe GmbH
Trip-Fx 1x004 Interview to Paul Fratesi - account executive at SideFX
Trip-Fx 1x005 Interview to Simon Holmedal
Trip-Fx 1x006 Interview to Marc Simonetti - Concept Artist & Illustrator
Trip-FX 1x007 - "My 2 cents" on Autodesk buys Arnold, Solid Angle and my POV on future of Autodesk
Trip-Fx 1x008 Interview to Marc Brunet - Founder & CEO at Cubebrush
Trip-FX 1x009 Interview to Clovis Gay - Co Founder at Hocus Pocus Studio
Trip-FX 1x010 Interview to Anselm von Seherr-Thoss Incendii LLC
Trip-FX 1x011 Interview to Raphael Lacoste
Trip-FX 1x012 Interview to Paul Roberts - Training Manager at iToo Software
Trip-FX 1x013 Intervista a Claudio Lodi - Adobe Community Leader - Wacom Ambassador (Italian language)
Trip-FX 1x014 Intervista a Ferruccio Della Schiava - 3D Artist - Iray e Revit (Italian language)
Trip-FX 1x015 Intervista a Giacomo Dalle Vaglie - 3DWS - 3D Artist - Digital Drawing Days 2016 (DDD) (Italian language)
Trip-FX 1x016 - Review XP-Pen Artist Display 22 HD - English Part 1
Trip-FX 1x016 - Recensione XP-Pen Artist Display 22 HD - Italiano Part 1
Trip-FX 1x017 - Review XP-Pen Artist Display 22 HD - English Part 2
Trip-FX 1x017 - Recensione XP-Pen Artist Display 22 HD - Italiano Part 2


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